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Rolled Baking Oven Belt(Z47 or Z47R)

Product Description

Rolled baking oven belt, also known in the industry as ‘Z belts’ or ‘metal bands’, is commonly used in large biscuit baking ovens or furnaces with long length and high speed, widely for baking all types of biscuits - crackers, cookies, filled cookies, hard sweet biscuits, short dough biscuits, sandwich biscuits, snack crackers, etc. It can be made with a belt width of more than 1.5 meter and length exceeds 300 meters.


Rolled baking oven belt is made of carbon steel wire coils(or stainless steel in some humidity conditions), which are linked together and then compressed by heavy duty rollers for several times. This give a flat surface to the band with good flexibility. Light weight with high strength, good air circulation, even and steady heat transfer, low energy consumption, all make it the best alternative to your existing heavy multiple spiral belts.




(F 4012)


(F 4015)


(F 6014)


(F 2510)

Wire Diameter

1.2 mm

1.5 mm

1.3 mm

1.0 mm

Tooling Pitch

8.2 mm

8.5 mm

8.2 mm

6.3 mm

Spiral Pitch

4.0 mm

4.5 mm

5.0 mm

3.5 mm

Belt Thickness

2.1 mm

2.8 mm

2.6 mm

2.0 mm

Weight per sqm

7.8 kg

11 kg

7.5 kg

6.3 kg

Maximum Belt Width

1550 mm

1550 mm

1550 mm

1550 mm 



•  uniform mesh structure
•  welded edges
•  carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire
•  belt width more than 1550 mm
•  small width tolerance
•  easy belt cleaning


Z47(F4012) is the most frequently used type, mesh opening provide enough space for air circulation and heat transfer, commonly used in biscuit oven for high output, belt speed can be up to 30m/min.


Z47R(F4015) is essentially a Z47 belt with a more thick wire as 1.5mm, life is longer and mechanical performance is stronger, this means a higher heat energy need and drive force during baking process.


Z48(F6014) is specially used for baking thick and hard biscuit, with bigger mesh opening, it improve air circulation and heat transfer for biscuit baking.


Z28(F2510) is a belt with the most thin wire and smallest mesh opening, so it can save heat energy, suitable for lightweight and short baking oven or furnaces.

We are proud to say that we are the leader in China who can provide first-class rolled baking oven belt for customer in the baking industry worldwide!


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